The gift that keeps on giving

Clean the World Donation

Clean the World collects discarded soap and shampoo from the hotel industry and then sanitizes the soap so that it can be recycled and distributed to people in need in order to prevent hygiene-related death. Clean the World currently distributes soap to about 96 countries. Access to soap helps prevent the spread of illnesses and hygiene related deaths. Every year, millions of children die of preventable disease because they lack access to soap. In the United States, hotels contribute to landfill waste, up to around 200 million metric tons of solid waste every year.Canalta hotels have collected over 11,000 pounds of soap and contributed to the creation of 60,000 new bars of soap. By donating your rewards points, you will help distribute soap to more children in need. Your donation of 15,000 points will provide soap for 100 children for one month.